Everyone knows that CAD has significantly accelerated and improved product development cycles. Everyone also knows that an inability to reuse this information across the enterprise is still a bottleneck. At 3DVIA Composer we provide the tools to free your CAD data and achieve the dream of product information everyware. 

“Product information everyware” does not just mean viewing.  More important is the ability to author content that makes sense to business functions and individuals that are not engineers and CAD users.  The investment in CAD has certainly paid dividends, but returns can still be reaped.  At 3DVIA Composer we work everyday to improve our customers ability to make product information available not just to all possible users, but in all the specific deliverable forms and systems in which it’s needed.

3DMojo is for people who beleive in product information everyware and for anyone that has a point-of-view on this subject.  So if you have a point-of-view or just want to find out what others have to say then please tune in from time-to-time.  If you have an opinion and you decide to write then write from your heart, do not hold back, and speak the truth! 

Call it as you see it…  We do!


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