A new blog, but an old problem

The long journey   Welcome to 3D Mojo!

3D Mojo is a blog for those people who believe in the reuse of 3D design data across the organization.  At 3D Mojo we believe you free your CAD data when you give it some mojo and once you have added a little mojo you can live the true reuse dream of "Product Information Everyware". 

Huge value can be gained when you take existing 3D CAD data couple it with attribute information, stored in CAD, PLM, ERP or other, and as an example author deliverables such as user documentation, customer service manuals, or assembly instructions.  Many organizations and individuals that support, assemble, design, or maintain your companies product can be made more efficient by improving the deliverables they work with. 

3D Mojo is for anyone that has a point-of-view on this subject.  So if you have a point-of-view or just want to find out what others have to say then please tune in from time-to-time.  If you have an opinion and you decide to write then write from your heart, do not hold back, and speak the truth!  Call it as you see it…

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