Ceeping CAD Captive Causes Cost Creep, Cills Creativity

CAD prisoner

OK, so I had to work really had to come up with a string of C-based alliterations. (-:

But it's no joke.

Think about it: companies spend millions implementing sophisticated CAD systems and millions more improving product lifecycles with PDM/PLM solutions only to keep the resultant information bottled up in the engineering group.

What about sales? Marketing? Customer service? Aren't these fundamental business processes part of the product lifecycle? Don't they deserve to have the same level of rich access to product data as product development departments have?

In our thinking, "free you CAD files" is more than slogan, it's a business imperative. The question isn't "should it be done." The questions instead are, "How?" And "At what cost?" Plus "Can my end users access the data in ways that work for them?"

A solution that really frees this corporate resource has to have the ability to secure CAD data, but also deliver full associativity to the CAD data to ensure accuracy and lower costs. A solution that unleashes the power of CAD throughout the organization has to allow creation of full-fidelity deliverables quickly and easily in the formats that sales, marketing, customer service and others need them.

If you can't name a single user in your company outside product development who regularly accesses CAD files for their function, then you have a prisoner situation and an oppurtunity to improve the value you recieve from your product development efforts.

And that prisoner needs a writ of habeas corpus , post haste. 

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