Isn’t an explosion always in 3D?

So, what’s the real, long-term meaning behind the explosive growth in Autodesk’s 3D business last quarter?

It’s simple: more and more products are totally, completely and permanently being designed in 3D. The days of CAD as a “computerized pencil” are over. (Those of us who’ve been in the business for a while have two reactions to this. First, it’s about time. Second, we just hope the neo-Luddites who said it’d never happen realize how wrong they’ve been proved to be.)

As with any technology revolution, now that design is 3D and 3D is design, we have to look beyond just product creation and on to sales, marketing, support, maintenance and training.

That’s next. That’s the next growth opportunity.

Yes, it’s where we are, what we do. But you should know that the people here are the same people who told you that 3D was inevitable when you might have thought it would never happen in your lifetime.

This time, why not jump on the bandwagon early? That way, you’ll get the most advantage first.

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