Is $4.2M a lot or a little to put into legacy technology?

We'd be remiss not to note that Lattice Technology has just raised more funding.

Clearly, this is good for the argument we've been making here that the assets sitting in the bazillions of 3D design models inside corporations are begging to be set free for bigger and better uses.

And, equally clearly, we believe that Seemage is the next generation of technology that's needed to accomplish the emancipation of these models. 

With all due respect to Lattice, it's not just about XVL. It's about openness (we're XML-based) and making certain that whatever technology companies implement to leverage 3D design data can be integrated easily with CRM, PLM and ERP systems

Anyway, we're pleased to have the competition (though we know we've got something special in the Seemage system) because smart buyers will always look beyond just the legacy providers. 

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