What makes you wanna kick the dog?

Well, if you saw my dog, not that much. It’s docile.

But, it the CAD world, acutally quite a lot makes me wanna kick something.

Here’s a good example.

While I am certain there are two or three manufacturing companies in Outer Mongolia building yurts for whom the challenges and politics of PLM are news, it’s just not the point. CAD people seem to think that all this political stuff is unique to CAD. Has anyone ever seen the blood on the floor over conversion to a new corporate database system? Now, thats better than watching the Red Sox fade in August.

The real point isn’t about getting the IT folks’ buy-in or making kissy-face with the end users. It’s about adding technology that people can use, that delivers value from previous investments.

That’s why we and the whole technology category we defined is growing so quickly: users don’t want another battle royale (or the self-evident advice on how to ameliorate one, as if the advice ever made a difference).

They want the 3D data, delivered in a way that makes sense, that allows them to do their jobs, that makes the entire organization more productive.

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