Thanks for the invite to blog here, guys

Wow! I’ve been invited to join Chris and Eric as one of the posters here on, and I am very pleased to be here.

I’m passionate about 3D because I saw what changes it can bring when applied to core processes. I watched the way AEC was transformed by parametric building modeling and always wondered what was next in the MCAD 3D space (since 3D flowed from there to AEC).

Then, I came across the Seemage system, I knew it was next. Why? Simple: now that everything — and I mean everything — from planes to can openers are designed in 3D — the battle to improve engineering is (largely) being won.

But the war to complete the 3D revolution moves on…to leveraging outside engineering and product design the enormous value that’s been accumulated in 3D design data .

The cool thing about all this is that at the end of the day, you probably can’t come up with a more impactful way for CAD, PLM, ERP and CRM systems to deliver more value than to be completely integrated with the core digital design data.

That’s why I’m excited to be invited to be here: because Seemage is leading the way in this next, new, exciting phase of the 3D revolution.

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