You heard it here first: PIE aren’t round, PIE are good for your 3D data

Next big thing

Funny thing about technology…everyone always says, "we are going to have to move slowly, deliberately towards" [you fill in the blank here with the name of the disruptive CAD technology].

And it does, indeed, start slowly. But then, there's a moment when the next generation has crept up and become so ubiquitous that nobody even remembers they didn't think it would happen.

I saw this up close and personal in the AEC part of the CAD world. For years, people told me that 3D in AEC would never happen. I remember being in the room when Dave Lemont invented the term "Building Information Modeling" and the others there (except for me, of course) said, "Ugh..feh! Do you mean 'building' as a gerund or a verb?" They hated it…and ridiculed me for promoting what was an inspired description of the next inevitability.

Today, a Google search for BIM returns almost 7M hits. Now, not all of them are about building modeling, but check out the  ads…they're spending real money to compete for a term they said would never fly.

And so it will clearly be with "product information everyware." PIE is the next thing…the thing nobody believes can happen, but which of course already is. Why is it as inevitable as 3D?

That's simple: because vendors, partners and customers all want to get their hands on the model in ways that are fast, secure and easy. More importantly, technology companies want to satisfy that demand. The only question is: which way is best?

We know the answer: a technology that accepts all inputs, provides associativity and integrates with other enterprise apps. In short, Seemage.

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