Come see us at ASUG

One of the best examples of our vision of product information everyware is when Seemage is used with SAP systems. Because the Seemage system isn't about visualization, but instead is about the delivery of 3D design information to the user in the exact form and place it's needed, Seemage is the ideal integration mechanism between SAP enterprise systems and the 3D design repository.

Chris Williams, our CEO, will be presenting on this topic at tomorrow's ASUG meeting in Dallas, TX.

May I make two suggestions? First, make sure to catch Chris's presentation to learn more about the ways that SAP systems reach new levels of effectiveness when Seemage is the integration point for 3D digital design data. Second, be sure to button-hole Chris and ask him to tell you more about the "secret thing I can't write about now because we haven't yet announced it but he can tell you since he's the CEO." 

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