Is being serious enough?

I know it’s not that smart to stand in front of a marketing juggernaut (unless, of course, it’s the one we’ve got rolling here at Seemage).

And while the hint of forward progress is pretty clear this time, I still just don’t understand all the adulation being thrown at Acrobat 8. The leading CAD blogs are alive with the news that Adobe is “serious” about 3D this time. At least two different posts (one here ; the other here) are repeating this theme.

It’s gonna be no surprise to the readers of this blog (and by the way, thank you to those of you who’ve been reading and to those who’ve subscribed to our FeedBurner feed) that we think there’s a big difference between the attempt and the reality.

What’s upside down about all this coveage of Acrobat 8…what’s lost in all the talk about this new translator and that new format is the simple fact that Acrobat remains document oriented.

Document orientation does facilitate certain forms of collaboration. Years ago at Lotus, we implemented simple document workflow in Notes and people did amazing things with it. But then we discovered that to really alter an enterprise’s processes, workflow had to be data oriented so they could manage both people and databases; groups and enterprise systems.

The problem with a document-oriented approach is that the fundamental metaphor — that would be…uh…the document…does not integrate well with enterprise systems like ERP and CRM, which require integration at a data object level.

Naturally, we believe we have this licked, since Seemage’s XML capabilities deliver easy integration with any system as well as any front-of-screen use (at which, admittedly, documents excel).

To us what’s upside down is the argument that the foundation metaphor for leveraging 3D design information enterprise-wide is a document.

We just don’t think so.

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