Not to pile on too much…

…but you simply have to wonder if the continuing problems on the A380 are the most vivid example possible of the cost of not using 3D design data as a corporate information resource.

I'm no aeronautical engineer. But even as an amateur, I have a kind of wide-eyed appreciation for the complexity of this undertaking.  And I don't want to sound critical of EADS or its CAD suppliers.

But I think everyone would agree that the unique multi-country ownership structure of EADS has determined a supply chain reality that is very different from what a normal supply chain might look like. (Apparently, Boeing is doing much the same with the 787.)

My question is: could the wiring delays, which as far as I understand it are about coordination along the supply chain, have been reduced or even eliminated with better access to the 3D design data deeper down that supply chain?

Without being an engineer or on the inside of EADS, you gotta believe the unequivocal answer is, "of course." For us, this is a proof point of "product information everyware." As projects become astronomically complex, the need to leverage the CAD design data up and down the supply chain, inside and outside engineering and between and among departments has never been more important.

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