CAD unplugged

Sometimes, it's better said by someone else. We've been going on at some length here about why 3D design data is a corporate resource and why it should be — actually must be — part of the very fabric of what manufacturers do in their businesses.

But in an email exchange with a reporter whose readers are interested in manufacturability, we got this comment:

"Most of our readers live in a world where they’ll take part geometry in whatever format they can get it so that the process of CNC programming can begin. A common complaint is that the geometry is poorly suited for this purpose. Beyond that, the world of CAD and PLM and all that is somewhat remote. "

Read it again…slowly. "The world of CAD and PLM is somewhat remote." And "…they'll take part geometry in whatever format they can get it…"

It's time for the CAD world to listen to these consumers of 3D design data and commit to delivering the information they need, in the form they need it, when they need it. There's no excuse not to.

Do you want your company to be building A380s? 

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