What does geometry mean to a marketer?

As part of my usual routine of preparing topics to blog about on 3DMojo.com, I have a Bloglines list of the CAD blog world. (If you haven't seen Bloglines yet, you should check it out. It's a wonderful way to organize your blog world, IMHO).

What struck me this morning is how internally focused all the CAD blogs are. I couldn't find one post — not one — that talked about the relevance of 3D information to anyone outside the engineering world.

The best I could find is someone who got a free lunch from the AutoCAD team (how far off into the Z axis do you think that lunchtime discussion was?) from an Autodesk blogger who got to stay in a hotel with beauty contestants

While everyone enjoys a good human-interest story, even more interesting is this survey from Roopinder Tara in which not one — not one — of the evaluation criteria deal with the use of 3D design data outside the CAD world.

It's no wonder CAD is the "disappearing" corporate resource, where all the effort, time and money are spent in the engineering group and nobody thinks about marketing, sales, customer support and the other basic business functions.

That's why we are so zealous about our mission: product information everyware. 

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