Getting good information to the herd

Chris, who as you can see has been "suffering" in the south of France at a Microsoft executive event Cool, didn't completely forget about the rest of us. Yesterday, he sent me a link to a long but well-written post that poses some interesting questions about how you might, for example, service well a product via outsourced telecenters in India.

One question the writer raises is something we believe strongly we have the answer to:

"Firms like Dell Computer which depend upon call center functions have already determined that foreigners who speak impeccable English (possibly better English than some Americans) may still not understand customers and provide acceptable service. If English to English idiomatic language barriers exist when trying to talk a customer through the process of running a diagnostic on a server or shipping a defective part back for replacement, can you image the barriers in trying to communicate complex business processes that are being automated in an expensive ERP application or a customer self-care web site?"

In a word, yes, we can imagine the barriers in the communication of complex product capabilities, and yes, we know what to do: deliver more information than just words or manuals. Deliver interactive 3D information to users in exactly the form the need it, when they need it.

While you may either agree or not with this (unidentified) blogger's overall conclusions — and this post wasn't primarily about technology — I think there's an important element of truth to be read from it: that no matter what your business, disseminating richer digital information more broadly inside your company as well as to your partners is a primary mission.

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