Industrial art, Seemage genre

The other day, I was watching a Seemage animation of how to put a wooden puzzle back together. And I was struck by two things. First (and obviously), I was impressed with how much more easily I was able to learn to do the puzzle. That's what this amazing new technology is all about, I thought. Then, a second realization came to me: "This is really beautiful. It's almost like an art form."

This second idea got me thinking about industrial art. And while machine-created animations about machines aren't new, Seemage adds something new to the art form, something new enough to warrant a genre (and a place) all its own.

In short, I'm fascinated by this stuff. Check out the one below we posted on YouTube. We're thinking about making a series out of it. Pretty neat stuff just to look at, don't you agree? It may be hopelessly geeky (I even love the line drawings of cars, like the ones of this nifty new BMW coupe), but it's undeniable that this can rise to a digital art form.

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