Sometimes Old Is Better

dsc00040.JPGI've been working on my 1963 TR4 over the last few weeks.  Total rebuild of the front and rear suspension.  What strikes me everytime I purchase parts is how great the web site is at Moss Motors for finding and buying parts ( Certianly the images are done the old fassion way and therefore you can't rotate and zoom in, but being able to get at the level of detail they have is great.  I only wish I could interact with the data in 3D, see an animation of the assembly step, get dimensional data, find information such as torques, and see the assembly within the whole car…  Well that is what Seemage would add to this site.  That is if there were 3D models of all the parts…  So maybe this won't happen for my TR4 but it certianly can be done for any product designed in the last 15 years or more. 

Certainly 3D product precense and Product Information Everyware is becoming a biger and biger reality everyday.  For instance on the Iomega web site you can rotate and zoom in on 3D models of the product.  The question is hom much did they spend to get this?  Did they have a simple way to create this experince?  Well agian this is what Seemage makes hugely simple…

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