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This is possibly the most exciting post I’ve written yet for

Garth Coleman, one of our salespeople, wanted to be able to show people at a trade show how Seemage animations look. So, he converted a couple of .avi’s to .m4v. When I saw it on an iPod, it struck me that we really do have a kind of art form here.

Now, I expect some abuse from folks about this…and I’ll admit it’s a bit propeller-head.

But it simply blows me away that that things that may never exist in the real world (although most Seemage animations and graphics come from 3D CAD files that are destined to be real products), can be animated, placed in the “world,” rotated and otherwise given a visual existence.

So, I’ve created a podcast feed (which I’ve submitted to the iTunes store…hopefully we’ll be listed shortly) here. There is also a “podcasts” category on the blog now, which over time will list all the podcast animations and graphics.

Garth and I were talking today and he suggested we should describe the problem the animations solve. I think that’s a cool idea, as well. Though I’m not an engineer, I think the metadata about these animations is part of their appeal.

But, at the end of the day for me, these things are very cool eye-candy.

I hope you enjoy them as well. We hope to have a series of them over time, so be sure to cut and paste the podcast feed into iTunes and Seemage your iPod.

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