A special offer for ITEDO users

Seemage has announced an offer that puts money in your pocket and 3D product information at your fingertips.

In a nutshell, users of ITEDO products are eligible for a special discount on Seemage Publisher, Seemage MockUp and Seemage Viz through January 31, 2007.

We're believe that this offer makes great sense for users of 2D illustration products: with Seemage, you can add 3D to your capabilities quickly and easily.

The customers who have already done that are seeing impressive reductions in costs. Liebherr Aerospace talks about their success with ITEDO and Seemage in the PDF I've attached to this post.

Please visit this special page to register for the discount and to have Seemage contact you.

3 comments to A special offer for ITEDO users

  • NicolasL  says:

    ITEDO could not be entirely trade-in as long as Seemage will not export CGM with profil 😉

  • Chris Williams  says:

    Tune into our 4.0 release due out the end of the year. Or if you want to experience 4.0 earlier then contact us for a Beta copy (released this Monday).

    4.0 is a massive architecture and functionality release. Our VP of Product Management and founder Eric will tell you 4.0 is the largest release in our history. With 4.0 you will find large SAP installations moving to Seemage based on our ability to manage the product associative to any product structure.

  • NicolasL  says:

    This feature will be appreciated.


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