Seemage your iPod #2: “The Copier”

Based on the response to the last podcast animation we posted, there are a lot of you who, like me, find watching Seemage animations on your iPod interesting.

So, no matter what humorous things people are saying about us behind our backs (-:, we’re going to continue posting cool eye-candy-with-a-serious-meaning in this feed. And, we’ll have a little fun with it, too.

BTW, for those of you who want to subscribe just to the podcast feed, you should have your podcatcher look for updates from this feed. I discovered last week that in WordPress (the amazing blogging system we use), each category has its own feed. But if you want all the content we are posting (including the podcasts), just subscribe to the basic feed here.

Anyway, this week’s animation answers common, mystifying and previously unanswerable questions often heard around the office like, “What is that paper guide on the input tray for?” And “The LCD says the toner has to be replaced. Where the heck inside this beast is it?”

And a special treat, just for our readers: we even see the toner cartridge “explode” into its constituent parts.

So, sit back…relax…get ready for 39 seconds of intense copier action in Seemage your iPod episode #2: “The Copier”

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