Seemage your iPod #4: “Windows Vista” (en français)

This post represents the end of our first month of podcasting! At first, people said, "Who would want to watch animations created from 3D CAD models? Are you crazy?" Well, it turns out that apparently a lot of you enjoy doing so…and I think that's because when they are taken out of their normal environment and looked at in a different way (as you can do via a podcast feed), they become something else…something more interesting.

Now that we have an established podcast feed, we want to experiment a little with it. For this Friday's episode, I hope you'll enjoy this clip that was produced as part of the Windows Vista launch this week in France.

While I don't speak French, I think this video clip has some extremely cool animations in it, and so it qualifies — at least in the broadest sense — as the "industrial art" created by Seemage that we have been featuring in the podcast feed.

I want to thank everyone who's subscribed to the feed and who has downloaded the previous three episodes either directly or via the iTunes Store. We are gratified by the large number of people who are interested in these clips. We're pleased that people seem to like them. And we hope to keep them coming.

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