Seemage your iPod #7: “Motocross”

A couple of days ago, I posted a promise that we would really go up a notch in the the animations we are posting to our podcast feed. (Have you noticed that you can subscribe to this feed in iTunes or via RSS by simply clicking on the icon in the sidebar?)

Today, I am very pleased to to have the first of these new animations. Garth Coleman found this killer animation of a motocross bike with all kinds of cool visuals. From telling you how to remove the gas cap…to cross sections…to my favorite image (and the one I took for the still): the spoke nuts exploding out of the rims, this is one of the best animations we found in the “vault.”

Garth was up late re-encoding this for iPods and uploading it to the site, so I want to thank him for that. We hope you enjoy this animation. Even more interesting ones are on the way.

Is it just me or is this the cleverest thing you can show your iPod video off with?

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