Seemage your iPod #8: “Motocross Jump”

We promised that this week’s animation would be good. Well, it’s so good, I simply couldn’t wait for Friday to post it.

Though the holidays begin this week, I know our hard-core “Seemage your iPod” subscribers would delay the start of their holidays just to get an updated feed this Friday (-:

But this animation just can’t wait that long. And I couldn’t stand the thought that this might get lost in the rush out the door Friday.

When you watch this, you will be amazed at some of the effects. Notice how the rider “revs” the engine with his right hand before the bike starts off. Be sure to catch him “peeling out” as the bike starts up and be careful that you don’t hurt yourself when you see the suspension flexing (both front and rear!) when the rider lands.

Nope…this video is way too cool to get lost in the Christmas holiday rush…so we’ve decided to make it our early gift to our 3DMojo readers and subscribers.

Do your new iPod-owning friends a favor this Xmas: help them fill their new iPods with great content. Just tell them to search on “Seemage” in the iTunes Store and subscribe to our feed.

Special thanks to Christophe Delfino who created this amazing animation for you. And also to Garth Coleman who rendered it for me.

Happy holidays from all of us to you and your families.

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