Seemage your iPod #9: “Disassemble”

Well, it’s Friday again…and that means time for another Seemage animation.

Once again, Garth was busy on his vacation finding cool animations and converting them to iPod format. He’s found enough cool animations to keep us going for some time in 2007.

Once again, thanks to Garth and the others in Seemage who have shared not just product documentation, but what I think is a form of industrial art with us. Apparently you all think it’s art, too, since the number of downloads of these animation continues to grow.

Finally, since this our last post of 2006, on behalf of Seemage I want to thank our readers for their time spent on this blog. We hope we have found a unique (bilingual!) combination of news, views and content about which to engage with you. We always appreciate your comments and feedback, either directly on the blog or via email.

There have been over three thousand unique visitors to the blog since we started it in August. When we started the blog, we believed that a small company could more effectively make its point of view known by taking that point of view directly to the CAD and PLM community at large. We knew we had an important vision — product information everyware — and we saw this medium as a way to both make sure our vision wasn’t lost and was accurately expressed.

We’ve engaged in some fascinating conversations here (especially with Chris Kelley) and we have irritated some competitors who probably wish blogs hadn’t been invented so that small companies can’t threaten the status quo. (Message to those guys: next time, it’s OK with us to engage directly instead of you seething in the dark. We hate to see you endure all that stress. You can come here, say what you want — we’ll post it unedited — and we can have the debate openly. Or, whack us on your blog…we’re happy to respond. We believe your customers and ours will be better off for the open debate.)

In short, all our expectations have been exceeded, but the experience that means the most to us is the direct interaction with our visitors. We will try in 2007 to continue to be direct, open and honest about what we believe the industry should (and must!) do to deliver real productivity to businesses by leveraging 3D product information everyware.

Happy New Year!

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