Missing the target

Missed target

I want to be up-front about today’s post so there’s no misunderstanding. I’m going to talk about a sales opportunity we didn’t get to be part of…and I’m disclosing that right up front because I don’t want you to read the whole post, then dismiss it as sour grapes.

I’ve read the email thread between and among our sales rep and the gatekeepers/consultants to this account. In it, the gatekeeper flatly states that Seemage is “probably” the best solution for important parts of this customer’s requirements.

You’d think that doing the right thing for the customer would be incentive enough to allow a competitive sales cycle to develop. But instead of permitting best-in-class technology to compete, the internal politics of the provider to this account precluded us.

Was this fair? A good question. If we were a multi-billion-dollar provider of technology, we’d probably be tempted to do the same thing. Looked at that way, you hardly blame the gatekeepers for using their market power to draw the blinds over their customer.

But the real problem here is that the ultimate end-user is one of those large manufacturers desperately in need of advanced technology to improve its business…a business that (trust me) is a critical part of the US economy. And now, they won’t even know there might have been a better solution to their need to develop important deliverables. And their consultants will keep them wrapped in that bubble.

It seems to me this was motivated by fear of the increasing success Seemage has been demonstrating. If you are the establishment, and you cannot win because your technology is tired and expensive or your distribution relationships force you to recommend legacy products, you will have to resort to sleight-of-hand to keep your position. What else is there to keep the Emperor clothed?

The real irony is that when the customer learns of these techniques (which they inevitably do), the shot they fire at the consultant for being “managed” rarely misses.

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