Seemage your iPod #13: “Puzzle no. 3”

This week’s podcast contains the first of two animations that help users solve puzzles.

I’m talking not just about the actual puzzles (which, BTW, we are going to be giving away at our booth at SolidWorks World 2007). I am talking about the business puzzle that challenges marketing, sales, service and support to deliver high value content in easily consumed ways.

Before you look at the animation, download the scan of the PDF instructions that came with the puzzle, which I have also posted into the feed. Compare the printed instructions to the Seemage animation. Which makes it clearer to you how to solve that puzzle?

The realization that 3D design data and metadata from enterprise systems does not have to end up solely as a flat, printed PDF is the “light going on” we often see when customers compare the two ways of documenting the puzzle. Some times it just takes a simple comparison of methods to make the point better than a bazillion words. That’s what this animation and, in particular, next week’s animation do very well.

Stay tuned…next week is a big coming out party for a major new release of Seemage. And if you are planning to attend SolidWorks World, please stop by and pick up a puzzle and the solution to more than just the puzzle.

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