Seemage your iPod #14: “Puzzle no. 4″

First, my apologies to everyone who expected the second puzzle animation yesterday (Friday). I was delayed an extra day in Paris (read all about the disaster here) and didn’t get a chance until today to put up the second puzzle animation.

As I mentioned last week, this is the second of two puzzle animations that go along with physical puzzles we’ll be handing out next week at SolidWorks World 2007.

As with last week’s puzzle, I have also posted the (dull, boring, hard-to-understand) PDF that came with the puzzles originally.

When compared with the PDF, we think these animations make the case for Seemage clear. When you try to solve the real puzzles with printed instructions, it’s hard. When you do it with Seemage-created animations, it’s a snap.

Try it…you’ll see what we mean. Just stop by booth #403 next week to pick up your puzzles, have some fun and see for yourself why Seemage is revolutionizing product information delivery.

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