Digger gets digged


At the Seemage meeting in Paris last week, I took mental note when the sales folks talked about how positively customers were responding to a feature we call the “digger,” an example of which you see here. (This sample is from one of our all time most-viewed podcast episodes.)

The digger does just what it sounds like: it “digs into” the deliverable you’ve created to highlight it in some way. As an educational and/or instructional device, it’s a great way to point out the specific features of a product.

Now, from SolidWorks World 2007, Ralph Grabowski, has also latched onto the digger, calling it “innovative” and “not your father’s redlining tool.”

All this attention to the digger reminds me of two of the most important lessons in software: customers and journalists find the really important stuff in your system. And it may not be what you thought it was.

From reading my posts here, you might suspect I am a huge fan of the XML capabilities of Seemage. That’s because I believe integration across enterprise systems is one way to “free” CAD data to make product information everyware a reality.

And while I thought the digger was way cool, I guess I underestimated its appeal. That’s no problem…now I officially dig the digger.

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