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While our attention in the US this past week was focused on the very successful showing Seemage had at SolidWorks World 2007 in New Orleans, Seemage was also making headway on the other side of the world in Japan.

Here Jonathan (far left) and Bruno, a.k.a. “Mr. Ferrari” (third from the left) are pictured with two of our colleagues from Rikei, General Manager Michihiro Aoshima (second from left) and Application Engineer Takeshi Obata (far right) doing what you do a lot of in Japan: waiting for a train. Although I didn’t receive the names of the guys from Rikei or where they were going, (thanks, Jonathan, for naming everyone in the picture) I suspect they were on their way to visit a major Japanese manufacturer. But from the big smiles, it’s also possible they are just returning from a very successful introduction to a Japanese customer.

It hardly matters if they were coming or going. The simple fact is that Seemage is building a worldwide presence to satisfy the growing demand for product information everyware. In Japan, there couldn’t be a better partner for us than Rikei, which has traditionally been the supplier of the most advanced 3D technology to top-tier Japanese companies.

What you are looking at the is the picture of success as two powerhouses, Rikei and Seemage, “raise the volume” about this advanced technology in the world’s second largest economy as well as one of the most sophisticated manufacturing markets anywhere.

どうもありがとう Jonathan, Bruno, Aoshima-san, and Obata-san!

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  • Jonathan Riondet  says:

    The names of Rikei guys:
    – middle: Michihiro Aoshima (General Manager)
    – right: Takeshi Obata (Application Eng)

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