Finally, are we on the file format down slope?


When no less an authority than Martyn Day begins talking about the problem of CAD file formats going away, it makes my day. Check out the last paragraph of Martyn’s report on SpaceClaim, where he says, in part:

“My last thought goes to formats….It strikes me that we are at a juncture where the problem of CAD file formats may well be consigned to history.”

We’ve posted pretty regular rants here trying to get the MCAD world focused on using 3D design information instead of worrying about converting it from one form to another. (Clearly, we know that one has to convert it as part of any application that isn’t the originator of the data.)

But the CAD world has been focused on conversion for so long that file format wars and discussion of how to get from one to the other have crowded out discussion about what manufacturers can and should do with their design info.

But there’s hope for getting down the mountain safely. We may disagree over the specifics, but now that thought leaders in the industry are beginning to change the conversation about file formats, we are all going to be better off.

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