Seemage your iPod #23: “Control valve”

This week’s 3d animation podcast is exactly the reason people like me need [tag]Seemage[/tag].

You can watch this animation and think only about how visually interesting it is. After all, it contains sections and some clever rotations to show interesting points of view.

But when I see this animation, it does a lot more than just appeal to me visually. This is the kind of deliverable that makes you confident you could perform the disassembly procedure correctly, even if you’ve never done it before.,

I sure wish I had something like this to help me install the CD changer in the trunk of my car. Sure, I can find the PDF of the manufacturer’s instructions on a web site. Because it’s text and line-drawings, it doesn’t inspire the same level of confidence that a 3D animation does. And so I haven’t even attempted it. Count that as a lost sale due to bad documentation.

But because I can pause, rewind and restart an animation like this one, it is a much more powerful way to teach someone how to do something well and accurately.

So, this week’s episode is not only attractive, it’s unexpectedly informative.

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