Seemage your iPod #24: “Vista roller coaster game”

This week we’re taking a small brake (pun intended) from the automotive animations for something from the Seemage animation vault. Speaking of automotive, be sure to look for an important announcement from Seemage on April 17 about our work with a very famous automotive icon.

Back to this week’s animation. I think this was done as part of the Vista launch in France back in January. What I find so amazing about this animation is that it started as a CAD model. While we don’t recommend that game developers do this for their games, it would sure make them a lot more geometrically accurate, don’t you think? (-:

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  • csven  says:

    Well, there’s a virtual world out there with a couple of converted CAD models in it (though I didn’t tell them that’s how they started). Personally, I want completely multi-purpose models; for use in either videogames or in cutting steel. Of course, with RM in the future, a high-quality mesh will suffice.

  • Alex Neihaus  says:

    Well, csven, YOU want the multi-purpose models. But I just want the computer capable of rendering something that could be a gamer’s dream one moment and cold hard steel the next. (-:

    I must say, there’s gotta be a place in the middle for something like that, don’t you think?

  • csven  says:

    But isn’t this really the same thing? In the end it’s all triangles, whether rendered on a screen or cut in steel. Triangles are triangles.

    The only time things move away from tri’s is in the application system of the modeling tools themselves.

    Based on conversations I’ve had, I’m not so sure this is an issue of whether or not a unified format is possible as much it may be the likelihood not many people have seen a need for such a thing.

    Why *not* have a parametric, history-based, flexible yet accurate modeler which saves to a file format which can go basically anywhere? Hollywood has been moving away from NURBs and toward SubD’s. Why not manufacturing? From what I’ve been told by someone I’d consider qualified to know, a SubD modeler with much of the same functionality of most solid CAD modelers is possible.

    I may be the only one asking for this, but I honestly believe some day a whole lot of people will want the same thing, because I believe future marketing and manufacturing systems will converge in ways we’ve not yet seen and just-in-time will take on a whole new level of meaning. We may as well start considering it now, afaic.

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