What’s on our competitive radar?


To answer my own question: everyone else with whom we compete. This radar chart documents the results of our internal tests of the new Seemage 4.0 against our major competitors on 36 different functional areas. In short, it’s a rout.

It would be easy to be cynical and dismiss these results as pure propaganda, the results of rigged tests or biased assumptions.

But it just ain’t so. Quite the opposite in fact. The tests were done as a way to ensure that the newest release of Seemage remains competitive and maintains its lead. It might be hard to believe at first, but our guys were actually looking for issues in performance or functionality compared to the competition.

Why even show this on our blog? We believe these results make it clear that the architectural foundation of Seemage — it’s XML-based system for managing product information — delivers performance and usability capabilities that matter in the real world of users who aren’t necessarily CAD experts. Claiming “ease of use” has to be backed up by both architectural and implementation excellence. What better way to verify that than by testing against the competition?

(And no, I don’t intend to name the competitors. I suspect Chris will not be all that happy I put the summary chart up on the blog to begin with. For me, this is one of those “ask for forgiveness, not permission” opportunities.)

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