Up next: 3D CAD and PLM to create synthetic reality

When we talk about “product information everyware,” we mean that 3D models should be more widely leveraged inside manufacturing companies to ensure better service, support, education and marketing. After all, there’s hardly anything anymore than isn’t designed in 3D, so companies have their core assets in 3D models. Freeing those from the narrow uses they’ve been limited to so far is our mission.

Like all visionaries, you could sometimes accuse us of getting somewhat carried away by that vision (though we’d never admit it (-: ).

But now, I’ve run across something that makes us seem like cold-sober Swiss bankers.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are envisioning synthetic reality. This reality is actually created by 3D models, and sounds (to my untrained ear) like a new kind of physics. From 3D faxes (!!) to the video linked below, in which people re-shape a model of a car, the world of catoms and pario gives those of us who are interested in CAD and PLM a new way to think about what 3D modeling can really achieve.

Consider the vision implicit in the following quote. It would re-make the world into a 3D-model-based world.

The power and flexibility that will arise from being able to “program” the world around us should influence every aspect of the human experience. In our project we focus in on one particular aspect of the human experience, how we communicate and interact with each other.

Lots of people might think this will never happen. They’re the same folks who though 3D would never replace 2D. I think something like this is almost inevitable…and that Seemage is actually the vanguard of this kind of revamped reality.

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