Seemage your iPod #30: Using Seemage with BOM information

This week’s episode marks a change in the content we’re going to be sharing with you in our podcast feed.

I am very pleased to present the first podcast video that actually shows Seemage in use. In this episode, Seemage expert Jonathan Riondet demonstrates Seemage being used to integrate BOM information into product documentation. Notice at the end of the recording how easy it is for Jonathan to product a technical illustration with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

We are going to be posting many more Seemage “vignettes” in the podcast feed. We hope you enjoy them.

To maximize your viewing of the podcast feed, we recommend that you click the download link and save the file on your computer. Then, you can play it in iTunes, QuickTime or Windows Media Player at full size. For iPod users we have reduced the animation to iPod screen size in the online player. This is also the default size for visitors to who click the “Play” or “Play in Popup” links.

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