The only person who couldn’t attend our webinar for CAD and PLM users

The only person who couldn attend the Seemage webinar for CAD and PLM users was Paris Hilton

For some of you, this may be the first post on 3DMojo that you’ve seen. If you are looking at this because you’ve found our blog as a result of the webinar we held last week or via an email we’ve sent you, welcome. We hope you find the information we post here (in English and, occasionally, in French) useful and that you find our video podcast, available here, interesting as well.

About our webinar…we’re only joking a little bit when we say that Paris Hilton (who’s currently in jail in Los Angeles) is just about the only person who couldn’t make the Seemage webinar we held last week. We were overwhelmed with the response, and are very grateful for all the comments and feedback we received. Here is some of that feedback:

“Let me take this opportunity to compliment your team for giving a wonderful demonstration of the product. Having seen the features I’m very eager to try this product.”

“Pretty damn impressive demo…We are building a very high end [deleted to protect confidentiality] machine. This would be great for Assembly, and maintenance manuals…”

“That web cast showed a very impressive software.”

“I attended your presentation and was impressed.”

The demonstration we presented struck a nerve and validated Seemage’s vision of product information everyware: the need to reuse 3D information with other enterprise systems to produce a wide range of product deliverables quickly is a pressing concern for users today.

If you’d like to see a recording of the webinar (or want to replay it at your convenience), please click here.

Thank you again for your interest. If you have any comments or questions, please email us or post a comment here on this blog.

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