Seemage your iPod #35: “Seemage annotations”

The Seemage PLM and CAD podcast episode 35: Seemage annotations

When we talk with customers or present Seemage to new prospects, we consistently hear several things. One is the very high result-to-effort ratio. This week’s video podcast, once again courtesy of Jonathan Riondet, makes that point beautifully.

In less than three minutes, Jonathan shows how to annotate an assembly using many different sources and styles of annotations, including the ability to create annotations from data contained in PLM systems. As Jonathan says in the audio recording, this is a very important point.

Even more subtly, in this podcast, Jonathan is showing one of the underlying architectural reasons Seeemage is so fast, flexible and easy to learn and use. That underlying idea is that everything in Seemage — be it geometry, annotations or anything else — is just a set of properties.

If you think about Seemage as a CAD, PLM and ERP-capable property editor, it becomes clear why annotations are so easy to do. Seemage is simply linking together disparate properties of the data you wish to work with.

The fundamental decisions that were made about how Seemage operates — this idea of it as fundamentally a property editor — are the reason nothing else can do what Seemage can.

We hope you enjoy this podcast. And thanks again, Jonathan. For iTunes subscribers, we have an iPod-formatted .m4v format linked below. For those who wish to download the animation, we also offer a .avi, also linked below.

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