Seemage your iPod #38: “Seemage Update″

Seemage podcast for CAD and PLM users, episode 37, Seemage Update 

This week, Jonathan shows us one of the more astonishing capabilities of Seemage: the ability to update content with revised or changed geometry.

Because Seemage can quickly and easily integrate change into content, you never have to wait for the CAD changes or for a PLM system update to prepare product content. Instead of documenting the product when it’s “done” (if it ever really is), you can create content at any stage. Then, when the PLM and/or CAD system information is updated, simply update your Seemage content.

Consider the case where you are writing a service procedure in which a part has to be removed. Seemage makes it clear there a clash or other problem. You can easily make engineering aware of the service impact, then integrate the change as soon as it’s ready.

To see an expanded version of this capability, watch our webinar replay.

Thanks again to Jonathan for illustrating something clearly that has far-reaching implications.

2 comments to Seemage your iPod #38: “Seemage Update″

  • Amy  says:


    Does it mean Seemage can produce the Updated file automatically, and we only need to load the updated file to replace the prior?
    right? Thank you very much!


  • Jonathan  says:

    Seemage Sync can update previous part with new geometry. Seemage Publisher, Viz or Mockup also but Sync can perform that automatically.
    Let say that you are using PTC ProE. You have an assembly (asm) that reference parts (.prt files). Sync can generate a fully-shattered file structure to map with CAD file structure. Met say that one of the part changes. You just need to repalce the old geometry with the new one. Only binary files will be updated. it means that all you created (animation, view) will be also updated as it is saved in the XML part of seemage files. You do not need to update the assembly (.asm) unless you have new sub-assemblies or parts.

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