Seemage your iPod #40: “Seemage Collision Detection”

Seemage Interactive Collision Detection

This week for our 40th episode (!!), Jonathan shows a capability in Seemage that we all know would lead to better product quality: the ability to detect serviceability issues. Seemage Interactive Clash makes it quick and easy for users who must document (and use!) service procedures to see exactly what will happen under various circumstances. We’ve all opened the hood of a car and wondered, “Sheesh….how would I remove spark plug #6?” With Seemage, you’d know. And this animation could be easily supplied on CD or a website to the service people at the dealership.

As impressive as clash detection is, note what Jonathan does after discovering the clash: he non-disruptively imports updated information into the scenario to resolve the issue. None of the previous work documenting the service process was lost. Seemage’s unique ability to update geometry from any 3D CAD system and thereby update the product deliverable automates one of the most expensive, and often overlooked, tasks in product development.

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  • Aldebaran  says:


    (sorry for my poor english)

    I am an assiduous reader of your blog and I have a request about a small technical problem met when I was trying to view your animation.

    Indeed, this demonstration seems to be interesting… Unfortunately, after half an hour spent to download the 60 MB (!) of this 3 minutes animation (!), I can not visualize it, due to an missing video codec whereas my computer contains more than 260 well-installed codecs… Compared to the m4v format (15MB here), most of players are unable to correctly display it. Thus, I had to install this unknown codec (bad or badly configured): TechSmith Screen Capture codec (for the readers which would encounter the same problem).

    Maybe it would be interesting to use a codec much more effective (a 3 minutes animation can be reduced to 5 MB while preserving a correct visual quality) but especially more known/spread, so that each one can visualize immediately your animations, avoiding thus modifying its computer configuration.

    Maybe this problem can arise for other readers of your blog that I like, so it seems to me that it is important. Sorry if it is not.

    Best regards.

  • Alex Neihaus  says:

    Hello, and thanks for the feedback.

    The AVIs I post here are the original files that Jonathan records using, I think, Camtasia on his PC. That’s why the TechSmith codec is needed. This is a well-known codec and works on many systems…there’s also a QuickTime version, which is how I convert the .avi’s to .m4v’s.

    I will post a link to the TechSmith codec for users who visit here and want to download the .avi’s. Also, I am sure Jonathan will be able to explain why the avi’s are so large.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  • Aldebaran  says:


    Thanks for your swift answer: the link to the codec is a good idea 🙂

    And you’re right : the software configuration’s should probably be reviewed in order to reduce the avi’s size 😉

    Best regards

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