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Seemage’s approach to marketing couldn’t be more different from Right Hemisphere’s

Last week, I watched a replay of Right Hemisphere’s recent webinar and then, for comparison, I watched the replay of our most recent webinar.

You couldn’t find a more different approach in the way the companies choose to present themselves and their technology. Our competitor chose to present an hour of discussion on the future of PLM. We chose to present our product in a live demonstration, using real customer data, in what we believe is a real-life example of typical problems people face creating rich product documentation.

I am astonished that in the 56 minutes of Right Hemisphere’s webinar they showed no product demo at all. By contrast, we begin to demonstrate Seemage as quickly as possible. When you watch the replay of our webinar, you’ll notice we begin a demonstration at just about 10 minutes into the webinar.

We believe customers are the experts in their businesses. What they want when they give us their valuable time us is to learn if our technology is applicable to them and, if so, how to apply it.

Also, I was surprised our competitor didn’t take any questions. In our webinars, we always have live Q&A. People love it. And I think it says something important about a company when it is willing to take tough questions in a public forum.

The difference between Seemage and our competitors is even evident in the way we market ourselves. We intend to continue to feature our technology, so you can quickly decide how to achieve product information everyware.

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