Innovation is a Full-Company Experience


A recent Boston Globe Magazine article (here; registration may be required) talks about a new generation of entrepreneurs who have the stamina to persist in building new businesses because they are, essentially, narcissists. The article asserts that this is necessary to overcome the challenges in building a business.

It’s bull.

Clearly, entrepreneurs need a great idea…but they also need the ability to get others to believe it and participate in the building of it. It’s about creating an ever-expanding community of interest in the idea: developers, marketers, salespeople, customers, and on and on.

That’s been the real success of Seemage. Eric and James had a searingly clear vision: product information everyware. They built a product that implements this idea in a compelling way for an audience well beyond the users traditional systems had been built for.

Then, they along with a core group of people like Chris, Bruno, Jonathan and more people than I can name here, set out as a group to tell the world about this revolutionary new technology.

Along the way, they kept up the pace of innovation not just in the product but in the entire go-to-market strategy.

In doing so, they built more than just a product. They built a cool little company that has generated an astonishing level of attention for its technology and ideas about working with customers. Today, anyone interested in this technology talks about Seemage in the same breath as companies that are worldwide brands. Other, less innovative competitors have been left behind.

There are many bright days ahead for Seemage.

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  • James Todhunter  says:

    Good points. It does take a good team to win. But, it does also take some individuals to keep the team focused on the vision.

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