I have egg on my face


I am so very embarrassed. Today, I wrote a post recapping the reaction to the announcement that Seemage had been acquired by Dassault.

In my haste to write the post, I left out a shout-out of thanks to one of Seemage’s best and oldest supporters, Julien Codorniou of Microsoft. Julien today posted this wonderful commentary on his blog about the very warm and productive relationship Microsoft and Seemage built, first in France, then across the world.

I thought about fixing my unfortunate failure to mention the post in my recap by simply editing the post to include it. But that wouldn’t right the wrong.

It’s important for everyone to know what the IDEES program and Microsoft’s interest in a small company meant to us. In short, it helped us get established as a technology provider to be looked at.

Julien, I apologize. I want to say publicly that we haven’t forgotten our friends, and that now as part of DS, we hope to be able to expand on the relationship between Seemage and Microsoft. And thank you very much.


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