Wow…what a reaction


It’s been a very fulfilling and exciting 24 hours for everyone in Seemage since our acquisition by Dassault was announced.

First, I want to give a shout-out and thank-you to some of the more authentic bloggers in the community, people like Robin Capper (post here), Chris Kelley (here) and Josh Mings (here), for noting our big news and for encouraging us to continue the blog. We will.

We wouldn’t be true-to-form, however, if we didn’t have a response to the “traditional” CAD press, as expressed in their blog posts on the acquisition (Ralph Grabowski’s comment here and Randall Newton’s here).

Trust me, we don’t give a whit for Autodesk’s “tags” (whatever that’s supposed to be). And we are always happy to explain the difference between a file format and a complete system, like Seemage, for producing content. If we thumbed our nose at anything, it was the tired, thread-bare infatuation with yesterday’s file-format arguments.

It hardly seems like only a day…we’ve been inundated with email, phone calls from customers, partners and people throughout the Dassault world with requests to get going on a project with them.

This is what many people in Seemage have dreamed of: being part of a company that has the reach and resources to complete the revolution the product has started.

It’s going to be a great ride.

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  • Julien  says:

    come on, you forgot mine link to

  • Chris  says:

    You’re more than welcome Alex. Having been on the acquisition joy ride a few times myself, I completely understand what a rush it can be. Enjoy it and as I said in my post, keep blogging. Regardless of our different opinions of some subjects all of our customers and the market as a whole will be better of for the open dialog and discussion.

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  • Josh  says:

    Hey Alex, no problem. I really enjoy reading the insight you have and the post you do on product development and PLM. It’s things I don’t think about at times. Glad you’ll be blogging. All the best to you guys.

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