Goin’ Gangbusters


When a smaller company is acquired by a larger one, one of the questions people ask (and one you hear most often from the press and analysts) is, “Will the passion surrounding the acquired product get diluted as the technology is integrated into the acquirer’s operations?”

It’s a fair question because we have all seen that happen with great technologies before: lots of traction in the marketplace leads to an acquisition after which the technology disappears.

That’s not about to happen to Seemage. I offer two data points to make my case.

First, FISHER/UNITECH announced a partnership yesterday with Seemage and is in the vanguard of SolidWorks partners who are literally clamoring to begin delivering the world’s most advanced system for product documentation to their customers. These guys know an exciting technology when they see it.

Second, here’s an excerpt from an email we received asking if we could make room in our sold-out, SRO internal training class next week in France. The writer is from Japan and clearly understands what Seemage will mean for his customers. The English may be imperfect, but the understanding of what this technology can do for manufacturers is obviously perfect:

I have to participant this training at this time.
I am interested in Seemage very much, and think it is effective to the Market in Japan.
Could you please make me participate in training?

As you can image, the Seemage team in France and here in the US is straining to keep up with this demand. I’ve personally been on Skype conferences with Bruno and Jonathan that started at 10pm their time. And I get email from Garth in the wee hours of the morning.

But it’s not overwhelming…it’s invigorating, particularly because we know we are ensuring that our vision of product information everyware is about to take a huge step forward.

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