Seemage…oops…I mean 3DVIA Composer live from ECF


I am writing this post from the Agora, or exhibit floor, at the European CATIA Forum (ECF).

Those of you with whom we’ve talked since we were acquired in October by Dassault Systèmes might have heard us use a new name for Seemage: 3DVIA Composer.

I’ve waited until now to publicly announce our new name because I didn’t want to steal Bruno’s and Chris’s thunder in announcing the new name, which they did yesterday (Monday) to partners and today (Tuesday) to the world in the general session at ECF. (The very UGC-y photo above is a cell-phone photo of Bruno premiering the name for the first time in public.)

Needless to say, we’re very excited about becoming part of 3DVIA, DS’s newest brand. 3DVIA’s mission is to extend 3D to new users and new applications, something that we believe is a direct match to the mission that Seemage set out to accomplish. And based on the reaction of the partners, customers and DS people I’ve been meeting and speaking to here at ECF, the opportunity for Composer to achieve this mission as part of 3DVIA is very real and very large.

While our name is new, it’s likely that for a while, you’ll still see Seemage creep into our language as we transition to our new name: 3DVIA Composer. And of course, it will take some time for the new name to show up in our branding and in the product itself.

Our new name symbolizes our expanded mission: to bring revolutionary, desktop technology to new users to enable them to reuse 3D and enterprise system data easily to create the most compelling product deliverables possible.

We welcome you to our next evolution.

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