Can you say “community”?

3DVIA Composer discussion forums

Everyone, and I mean everyone, in marketing these days is talking about community.

How to “create” one, how to “monetize” one, how to “serve” one.

I’ve been hanging out online since Fido (if you remember that, a shout-out to you!). I remember when CompuServe was very, very cool. I used to wait for hours to get a free 2400bps dial-up line to the Boston Computer Society.

That was community. It was people who hung out in a place online, usually a threaded discussion, to have fun and share their interests with people all over the world.

 You can’t force one; you can’t “coalesce” one.

But what you can do is give a community a place to go. Just like those volunteers BBSers of old, we have given what we hope will be the 3DVIA Composer community a new home. It’s at or click on the link at the top of the page.

 Go on…the system is open and waiting for you to join.


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