3DVIA Composer achieves escape velocity

3DVIA Composer achieves escape velocity

So, first off I want to apologize to our regular readers and subscribers that we didn’t post a podcast episode last Friday as is our habit. We had FTP server problems. We’ll be back with some killer new episodes starting week after next (this is a holiday week in the US).

I was in France for the last two weeks working with our new colleagues to re-brand and re-package the former Seemage as 3DVIA Composer. That work has gone spectacularly. Our new name is just the beginning of what we intend to do to extend our vision of product information everyware in some fascinating ways.

In short, we have achieved escape velocity as an important part of DS’s global efforts. And customers are already taking notice.

Consider this snippet of an email thread I saw the other day:

We have been able to stall an IsoDraw purchase and from the [removed customer name] presentation they have identified areas that IsoDraw does not address fully.

Our new DS reseller partners are helping us get the message out that 3DVIA Composer is the right solution for more and more companies.

So, if you were us, you’d feel like we had a lot more momentum than the “mere” 11.186 km/s you need to simply escape Earth’s orbit.

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