3DVIA your iPod #54: “3DVIA Safe”


This week, Jonathan gives us a compelling overview of 3DVIA Safe, technology that is part of 3DVIA Composer which absolutely, positively guarantees that users of 3DVIA Composer-generated data will not be able to copy it and abuse your design’s intellectual property.

Think about it for a moment: if we are really moving to an era in which 3D information becomes as commonplace as text, how are we going to secure this information? If everyone has 3D product data, how do we protect our digital product definition? After all, digital product data today is the product in many respects.

3DVIA Composer’s answer is that you do it in a way that encourages the use of the data but which makes it impossible for those uses to be diverted in ways that endanger the digital definition.

Pay special attention when Jonathan says, “You can’t even take a dimension.” Yet the visuals are unaffected by the 3DVIA Safe “brush”. Being able to do both things: deliver accessibility and security at the same time is a critical factor in encouraging wide dissemination of 3D data.

Thanks again to Jonathan for a compelling demonstration of this.



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