3DVIA Composer to be featured at SolidWorks World

Attend SolidWorks World to learn more about 3DVIA Composer

If it’s January, the entire SolidWorks community — both here in Concord and around the world — is gearing up for SolidWorks World in mid-January.

We’re very excited to participate in SWW again this year, this time as part of the SolidWorks family. So, be sure to look for 3DVIA Composer in the SolidWorks booth at the exhibit.

I also want to make sure you know about the in-depth session we are going to be delivering this year. It’s on Monday, January 21 at 4:30pm. The session title is Revolutionizing Design Communication: Creating Product Information with 3DVIA Composer.

In the session, we will have user of 3DVIA Composer will explain his implementation and how it has revolutionized their use of SolidWorks as a source for product publishing. I’ve been discussing the content we are going to show with Garth and Rakesh (two important 3DVIA Composer folks you should meet at the show) and I assure you, it will be among the most valuable sessions you can attend at SWW this year.

So, be sure to mark your calendars for the afternoon of January 21 at 4:30pm to see 3DVIA Composer through the eyes of one of its users.

(Some older pages on the the SW website and the printed agenda use the old product name, Seemage, for this session. As you can imagine quite a lot of materials went to press before we were acquired last fall. Rest assured, however, that all printed materials refer to the same session, which is the 3DVIA Composer at SolidWorks World).

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