3DVIA your iPod #57: “Using 3DVIA Sync to automatically update product deliverables”

3DVIA your iPod #57: “Using 3DVIA Composer Sync to automatically update product deliverables”

In any video program — podcast or network television — there’s occasionally a “can’t miss” episode. Number 57 — this episode — is one of those must see episodes.

In just about five minutes, this episode really puts it all together for you. Watch it over and over again to see the subtleties of what is going on and you’ll get the full understanding of what we mean by product information everyware.

In just a few minutes, Jonathan Riondet shows content creation, creating several deliverables so easily that it looks like one smooth motion. Then he shows how those deliverables can be automatically updated when the underlying product definition changes, such as when the CAD information changes. Of course, this data can be managed by a PLM system. And remember, we mean any 3D CAD data managed by any PLM system.

In less than five minutes, you see how the 3DVIA Composer system can work with any CAD and/or PLM system to completely free the production of product deliverables from the problems of late changes in the design process. It’s what 3DVIA Composer is all about.

Note to subscribers: this is my last post as the editor of 3DMojo. I want to thank our thousands of readers and subscribers who have made this one of the more popular blogs in the product development world. I know my RSS aggregator will be looking for the next update to this blog, and I hope you will continue to participate as well in the ongoing community that has formed around 3DVIA Composer.

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