Greetings from SolidWorks World 2008!


Here in San Diego, we are in the middle of another astonishingly successful SolidWorks World for 3DVIA Composer. Hundreds–dare I say thousands–of interested prospects, customers, bloggers, press agents, resellers, and employees have swarmed our kiosk and have been totally amazed by our capabilities. There has been non-stop traffic to our booth; so much so that we had to bring in a 3rd flat screen LCD panel, creating a theater experience to accommodate the demand!

Thank you to our friends and future resellers from the mid-west for their permission to post our candid photo capturing their deep interest in our product. A photo is truly worth a thousand words — ’nuff said.

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  • confused  says:

    hmm… 3dvia, nice app, But who really needs this kind of stuff? you can do the whole thing in solidworks or catia or any other developed cad packages.
    can somebody explain? I can already produce stunning documentations without it!

  • Garth  says:

    Great question, confused.

    The short answer is one word: “speed”. Content creation in 3DVIA Composer is fast and easy. Try it for yourself and you will see. What if you could do things 10% faster? 50% faster? What if you didn’t have to do it at all, because now people in your service or manufacturing department could create it themselves (without needing to use CAD at all)?

    Certainly an experienced CAD user can take advantage of everything the CAD system has to offer, in the way of documentation. But in many companies, there are many non-CAD users that need to create many forms of documentation. These users are not CAD experts like yourself, and typically resort to using tools like digital photography, sketching, and re-creating images for their purposes. They are not working in 3D and thus are not leveraging the 3D models, and often times are taking 5-15% of the CAD users’ time when they ask for a screen shot or other type of view.

    Another very important aspect of using 3DVIA Composer is to separate the documentation elements from the CAD elements. A manufacturing process planner needs a different BOM structure than the CAD file. Many documentation changes are not “engineering-related”, and if the documentation contents are stored in CAD, and they need to be changed, this often requires a formal ECO approval process. Imagine having to re-release your CAD data because the service documentation needs to have a balloon moved to a different position.

    Certainly there will be a small group of users like yourself who will continue to use CAD for many purposes, and congratulations for accomplishing this task. Even users of CAD have found it much easier and faster to create their documentation using 3DVIA Composer. 3DVIA Composer is also for all those many other users out there who aren’t in engineering, don’t use or have access to CAD, and want to create stunning documentations (2D and 3D, raster, vector, and interactive 3d animations).

    Feel free to take 5 minutes of your time and watch an introduction to 3DVIA Composer: link to

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